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5 Ways To Quit the Iron

Ironing is a bore, but there are ways to avoid this chore! Unless you’re Sam from Benny and Joon and you love to whip up some grilled cheese toasties with an iron, chances are you find ironing a tedious task – not to mention damn tricky! But hold on, don’t pout, for here are some tricks that’ll help you avoid ironing forever.

 5 Ways To Quit The Iron

Shower For Two

Hello Dress, step inside my office, baby. Hang whatever crinkled clothes you have as close to the shower as possible, and let the steam works its magic. It’ll take around 15-20 minutes for the wrinkles to disappear, so multitask by taking a hot shower! Hell, practice your karaoke songs while you’re in there. Have a coffee in the nude. Try out a hair mask. Whatever you do, just be patient – shower steam never fails.

Let’s Hang Out

Taking care of creases before they appear is probably the most responsible tactic (and it’s time you started acting responsible, right..?). Shake and hang your clothes as soon as they’re out of the washer. This way they’ll dry into the picture of perfection, and you can wave bye-bye to your iron for good.

Spritz This

DIYs are the best, so I’ve got a little recipe for you to try out. Make a wrinkle-releasing concoction by adding one part water and one part fabric softener. Mix it up, store in a spray bottle (if you don’t have one lying around, hit the $2 store) and spritz your clean clothes. This humble pairing of liquids will soften and smooth. What more could you want?

Dryer Power

Okay, now this one will blow your mind. Got a load in the dryer? Chuck in a tennis ball! Not only will this addition speed up the drying process, it’ll also help move the air around the dyer, which prevents wrinkling. Tennis balls, proving they’re not only good for dogs (and tennis players), but for the whole of humanity. Hats off to you, tennis ball.

Use Laundromap

Of course the easiest and most obvious trick is to download the Laundromap app. Don’t we all value convenience? Why do it yourself when someone else can… that’s how the ol’ adage goes, right?

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