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5 Ways You Can Keep Your Airbnb Booked


With over 650 000 hosts worldwide, Airbnb is a field of choices and competition. For hosts and travellers alike, the Airbnb experience is about meeting new people, sharing stories and creating new memories. It’s just pick and choose for the guests, but what about the hosts? If you’ve got a room or house listed on Airbnb, how do you ensure it’s always booked?

Maximise Air BNB Bookings

At Laundromap, we’ve worked with a bunch of Airbnb hosts, so we’ve been let in on some success secrets. Here are 5 simple things you can do to keep your listing at the top!

Set a Reasonable Price

Take a good, honest look at your accommodation and set a fair price. Consider the room itself and its amenities and location. Is there public transport nearby? Any popular tourist destinations, or conversely, any hidden gems? When you first create your listing, Airbnb will suggest a price based on all of these factors. Stay close to the suggested price at first, and then raise it as you earn more reviews.

Write a Detailed Description

Keep it concise, but include important details, such as what amenities will be available. What will your ideal guest be searching for? Whatever’s searched for the most will pop up at the top, so put yourself in a traveller’s shoes. What would they be interested to see in your neighbourhood?

Take Great Photos

If you’ve got a natural knack for taking great photos, perfect! If not, read up on some tips online and check out other top listings to see what makes their photos so appealing. It’s like flicking through a home catalogue – guests will be tempted by images showcasing a clean, well furnished, aesthetically pleasing place. If you’re struggling to take a good pic, why not ask a friend for help?

Share it Around

Once your listing is up, spread the word! Share your listing on all your social media accounts. Twitter is great for connecting with strangers, as is Instagram with its hashtag search. Make yourself known – it’s all about communication and connections.

Respond Quickly

Soon, the requests and questions will start rolling in. Respond to these in detail, as soon as you can. Airbnb keeps track of who’s most active, so stay alert to stay ahead. Keep an eye on grammar and spelling, be friendly, and good luck!

Keep your accommodation clean by using our dry cleaning and laundry services. We take care of bedding with a 48 hour turnaround, so you can keep those guests coming in, one after another!

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