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9 Apps to Keep You Warm Inside

9 NZ Apps


Menulog is for those of us who understand the allure of a raw vegan diet, but only because it doesn’t involve any cooking. This app lets you choose from over 66 cuisines and 500 restaurants. I don’t know ‘bout you, but I could overdosa on Indian. You select, the chefs cook, the driver delivers.

My Food Bag

Conversely, if you’re a bit of a whizz in the kitchen but got no time to hit the super let alone plan future meals, My Food Bag is the perfect solution. Created by celebrity chef Nadia Lim, this programme encourages healthy, happy eating. Pick a bag and get free range, seasonal ingredients, accompanied by recipe cards, delivered straight to your door.


How ‘bout some entertainment with that meal? Netflix has a range of TV shows, movies, documentaries… there’s even an hour long footage of fire crackling, if you’re missing that fairytale feel. Whether you’re after some ambience, a feel good film or something to give you goosebumps, Netflix is the classic go to.

Facebook Messenger

Stay in the loop with Facebook. We all go through phases where we want to delete our account, but let’s be honest, the withdrawals are not bloody worth it. Chat to your mates and keep up to date with upcoming events with FB.

Trade Me

Laptop broken? Toilet clogged? Find a handyman on Trade Me. Even if you don’t need anything fixed, Trade Me will supply you with all kinds of goods. Clothes, antiques, houses… pick your poison.


This app is not only good for tunes, it’s also a brilliant way to keep fit. Boho Beautiful for some calming yoga, Fitness Blender for a serious cardio workout… Who needs the gym? Save costs and save time. Work out in your undies in the comfort of your home and forget about the additional laundry.


Whether you’re looking for fun and games or a long term boyfriend, why not bring the date to you? Entice them with a home cooked meal using My Food Bag, then enjoy some Netflix and chill. Big bucks won’t guarantee a good night, but maybe a casual wine and dine on the couch will.

Designer Wardrobe

One of the #1 apps for ladies, Designer Wardrobe only presents designer second hand gear, promising quality goods. Shop for local brands like Lonely Hearts and Kowtow, or international names such as Shakuhachi and Calvin Klein, using only your fingers.


Hit us up to take care of your laundry and dry cleaning. We pick up and deliver, meaning you can stay toasty this rainy season. Download the app, kick back and relax. Sometimes we just need a little time out.

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