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Bad Laundry Days

Like bad hair days, bad laundry days can dampen the mood. Here’s a historical fact for ya: in the early 1900s, back before electric washing machines were around, Kiwi women had to nominate one day of the week as laundry day – it took the whole bloody day! The unanimous decision was Monday, also known as ‘Blue Monday’.

Well it ain’t the 1900s anymore, but laundry days can become blue days, even if it’s not a Monday. Let’s take a look at some SMH (shaking my head) moments of laundry.

You know it’s a bad laundry day when…

● You do a Rachel and leave a red sock in with the whites. And now everything’s pink. Except for the red sock, which is still red.
● You unload your machine, take the basket outside, pick up a peg, aaand… it starts to rain. You wonder if you should hang your washing anyway.
● You set your washing machine on fire. Don’t ask me how.

Bad Laundry Day
● You’ve gotten up early, started a load, and suddenly you realize you’ve got no clean undies to wear. You wonder if going commando to work is embarrassing or courageous.
● You hear something rattling inside the machine and you can’t find your phone…
● You, er, slightly overdo the detergent…

Too much soap!

● You realize there’s no detergent (and you have 10 bucks left ‘til Wednesday).
● You pull out your washing and it’s covered in clumps of Kleenex.
● Your favourite wool coat shrinks to fit your 5 year old niece.
● You’re this guy.

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